Welcome to iLand, the premier destination for businesses seeking to integrate Apple technology in Ukraine. We specialize in Apple Business Manager and the Device Enrollment Program, providing streamlined solutions to meet your business needs.

Apple Business Manager in Ukraine

Apple Business Manager, ABM, offers many benefits to corporate customers, transforming how businesses manage and utilize Apple devices within their infrastructure. Centralizing device management, simplifies the process of deploying and managing Apple devices in a corporate setting. ABM also allows businesses to implement zero-touch deployment with Apple devices.

Automated device setup eliminates the need for manual configuration of each device, saving significant time and resources. Additionally, businesses gain the flexibility to customize settings according to their specific requirements, ensuring a tailored user experience. Apple Business Manager also provides volume purchasing, allowing companies to buy apps and books in bulk, leading to cost savings and streamlined software distribution.

Finally, integrating Apple ID management enhances security, as companies can control user access, manage roles and permissions, and ensure data privacy. The result is a seamless, efficient, and secure Apple environment that drives productivity and innovation.

Device Enrollment Program in Ukraine

Apple Business Manager’s previous was known as Device Enrollment Program, DEP. So if you are looking for Device Enrollment Program in Ukraine, please read the text above about Apple Business Manager, a new name for DEP.

Why choose iLand

iLand has been an Authorized Apple Reseller in Ukraine for over 20 years. We are the first to pass Apple Business Manager tests and train all our managers to bring our customers the best ABM user experience. For now, we have hundreds of Apple Business Manager customers of different markets and sizes, and we can provide you with quick responses to your needs and appropriate solutions. We also accept wire transfer payments from abroad.

Please contact us now to ask any questions related to Apple Business Manager, or previous Device Enrollment Program, and we will provide you with a quick and comprehensive response. Fill out the form below, click the chat window, or send a message to +380674417821

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