Вийшло оновлення Big Sur 11.4. Для системних адміністраторів буде цікаво знати про наступне:

включає 58 оновлень безпеки

2 нові функції

5 вирішенних проблем

8 фіксів для бізнес-користувачів, а саме:

Using MDM to install software updates works more reliably on Mac computers with Apple silicon.
Resolves an issue where first login with a mobile account does not create a login keychain.
Setup Assistant no longer skips Location Services when account creation is skipped by MDM.
App installations from MDM are no longer canceled during setup when the country is changed.
Resolves an issue where DNS lookups may fail when using an authenticated proxy or a proxy configured with a PAC file.
Resolves an issue where the Kerberos SSO extension may fail to renew credentials.
Resolves an issue where iCloud Keychain sync could not be restricted by MDM.
Resolves an issue where StorNext volumes from fsforeignservers file would not mount automatically.

оновлення Safari 14.1.1

оновлення Apple Silicon Firmware

оновлення Intel T2 BridgeOS

повний інсталлер за посиланням http://swcdn.apple.com/content/downloads/55/59/071-00696-A_4T69TQR1VO/9psvjmwyjlucyg708cqjeaiylrvb0xph94/InstallAssistant.pkg